Prompt:  a consultant man
Prompt:  a cute bus rental
Prompt:  a doctor inside an operation room
Prompt:  a horse head
Prompt:  a hot air balloon soaring high
Prompt:  a king wearing gold
Prompt:  a kitten chasing a ball
Prompt:  a lawyer girl
Prompt:  a lighthouse guiding ships through stormy seas
Prompt:  a lion face
Prompt:  a lion with a golden mane
Prompt:  a man with glasses
Prompt:  a personal trainer
Prompt:  a serene lotus flower floating
Prompt:  a ship in stormy sea
Prompt:  A sleek and modern icon depicting a rocket ship blasting off into space
Prompt:  a stone bridge
Prompt:  a tree with sprawling branches
Prompt:  a weather
Prompt:  a whatsapp icon
Prompt:  An abstract icon inspired by music, combining musical notes and instruments
Prompt:  an energetic lightning animal striking the ground
Prompt:  ancient egyptian pyramid in golden sands
Prompt:  astronaut floating in zero gravity
Prompt:  baby spiderman
Prompt:  basket ball sparkling
Prompt:  batman car
Prompt:  buddha meditating
Prompt:  cabin surrounded by snowy peaks
Prompt:  compass symbolizing new directions
Prompt:  country cottage surrounded by blooming flowers
Prompt:  cupcake with sprinkles
Prompt:  cute dog roaring with power
Prompt:  dolphin jumping out of water
Prompt:  dragonfly flying above a pond
Prompt:  elegant swan gracefully gliding on water
Prompt:  ferocious tiger prowling through dense jungle
Prompt:  film camera
Prompt:  friendly octopus with playful tentacles
Prompt:  gossamer fairy wings glowing in moonlight
Prompt:  happy smily robot
Prompt:  holy quran
Prompt:  illuminated light bulb
Prompt:  interconnected gears symbolizing teamwork
Prompt:  intricate mandala
Prompt:  ironman face
Prompt:  ironman smiling
Prompt:  knight in shining armor
Prompt:  laughing child blowing dandelion seeds
Prompt:  majestic mountain peak at sunrise
Prompt:  mermaid swimming beneath ocean waves
Prompt:  monkey swinging from tree branches
Prompt:  moonlit with stars
Prompt:  mystical phoenix rising from fiery ashes
Prompt:  mystical unicorn
Prompt:  night sky with constellations shining
Prompt:  open bible
Prompt:  owl perched on a toadstool
Prompt:  palm hand with intricate lines
Prompt:  rising phoenix spreading its fiery wings
Prompt:  sailboat gliding on calm waters
Prompt:  serpentine dragon coiled around a treasure
Prompt:  silhouetted couple watching a romantic sunset
Prompt:  snowflake sparkling with intricate beauty
Prompt:  snowman with a carrot nose
Prompt:  soccer ball
Prompt:  statue of liberty
Prompt:  superman
Prompt:  timeless pocket watch
Prompt:  vintage camera
Prompt:  zen meditation with lotus position